Athena Luxus - Luxury Facility by Athena

Athena LUXUS is another residential mental health treatment center from Athena BHS. A luxurious resort facility, Athena LUXUS is located in a serene setting, surrounded by greenery and nature, providing a peaceful atmosphere for true healing and recovery. The goal behind the center is to provide a comfortable, safe, supportive and therapeutic environment suitable for all age groups. 

Athena LUXUS offers a range of mental health services and treatment programs for mental health treatment and rehabilitation for children, adolescents, adults, and older adults struggling with mental health disorders including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, psychosis, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, personality disorders, and others.

Athena LUXUS understands that mental health issues can be complex and challenging and that effective treatment needs to be personalized to meet the needs of an individual. Therefore, the team at Athena LUXUS works collaboratively to develop a personalized treatment plan for each individual. Even the care offered at Athena LUXUS is measurement-based ensuring that the treatment programs are relevant for the client at all times. This approach enables sustainable recovery and wellness.

Apart from the personalized treatment programs, Athena LUXUS also offers assessment and diagnosis facility, nutritious and tasty home-cooked meals, 24*7 care and upkeep, demarcated recreational areas, fully equipped therapy rooms, alternate therapy classes, Zen meditation, energy healing sessions and chakra healing classes. With a range of treatment programs, alternate therapy classes, medication management and a team of dedicated professionals, Athena LUXUS is committed to helping individuals achieve lasting mental health and wellness.