Dushyant Kumar

Dushyant Kumar

Head – Centre of Excellence

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A Marketing Professional with over 2 decades of experience, Dushyant Kumar joins Athena Behavioral Health as the Head – CoE. He is a B. Tech from MIT, Manipal and Masters in Business Administration from Melbourne University, Australia.

Having led many Corporates and MNCs, Dushyant has a flair for streamlining Operations to reach greater efficiency. His career has a strong history of devising precise and targeted business plans with a keen eye on the everyday functioning of the businesses. A dedicated and enthusiastic professional, he strives to create and build a team operating atmosphere.

A leader with a vision, he believes work ethics are built on strong relationships. With many awards and accolades to his name including “The eRetailer Business Solutions Man of the Year” by Government of France, he still believes there is a long road ahead to his success.

An avid reader and having travelled the world, Dushyant still looks for small breaks to explore new cultures.